UPS which stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply is a device that provides backup power to electrical systems during power outages or fluctuations. It helps to ensure uninterrupted operation and protect sensitive equipment from potential damage. We offer different types of UPS serving various requirements and the details can be found below.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • UPS in Data Center
  • A 3-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) plays a vital role in data centers, computing environments, or commercial or industrial applications where uptime and data integrity are critical. The 3-phase UPS protects the availability of servers, storage systems, networking equipment, and other infrastructure components, safeguarding them from power quality fluctuations or outages. A 3-phase UPS with VRLA or lithium-ion batteries reduces the risk of costly downtime by delivering backup power to the load until longer-term backup power (such as generators) can start up or utility power returns.

  • UPS in Home and Office
  • An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) greatly benefits homes, offices and businesses. It ensures a continuous power supply, even during power outages or fluctuations. This is crucial for sensitive electronic devices such as computers, Wi-Fi routers, and point-of-sale (POS) equipment. By providing a reliable battery backup, a UPS safeguards your devices from sudden power interruptions, preventing data loss, system crashes, and potential damage to hardware. A UPS also gives you ample time to save your work, shut down devices, and help protect valuable data. With its compact design and easy installation, a UPS is an essential investment for uninterrupted productivity and peace of mind.

  • UPS for AC applications
  • Our uninterruptible power supplies for AC applications provide a pure sine curve at the output. Select the ideal AC UPS and ensure superior system availability.

  • Energy Storage
  • Select the appropriate energy storage for your modular system so that you can achieve maximum system availability in every industrial application. The various storage media feature a wide range of different properties: long service life or very long buffer time, no maintenance, or use at extreme ambient temperatures.

Uninterrupted Power Supplies protect your Electrical Equipment.

    UPS systems will look after you and your equipment, so when your power runs out, you can continue to operate but they also ensure you are protected against; UPS systems will ensure that if there is a power outage, you are protected against:

  • Power Failure.
  • A UPS can ensure there is constant power to your all-important electrical equipment so it can continue to run preventing any downtime or data loss.

  • Under Voltage.
  • Uninterrupted power supplies ensure that your electronic devices continue to receive the correct amount of voltage, and hardware remains switched on even when the power supplied from the mains is insufficient.

  • Power Surges.
  • Prevent electrical equipment from any damage during power surges caused by high voltage levels, which then suddenly drop off.

  • Lightning or Power Supply Malfunction
  • Lightning and supply malfunctions can cause energy bursts and a spike in voltage, which can cause the overheating of your equipment; something that a UPS can prevent.

Types Of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems.

    There are different types of uninterruptible power supply systems, and Beylik’s Enterprises helps our customers determine the best type of UPS to support their commercial or industrial operations. Several factors must be examined when selecting the most suitable UPS, including the load size, whether a single-phase or three-phase output is needed, voltage and amps requirements, the critical operations of supported equipment, required UPS functionality, as well as budgetary concerns

    There are three main types of Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS systems:.

  • Standby – also called Offline UPSs
  • Line interactive – aka Buck and Boost
  • Online double conversion – online UPS systems

Standby Uninterruptible Power Supply

    A standby UPS is the simplest type of uninterruptible power supply system and one of the most common. We often see these battery backups that are about the size of a loaf of bread plugged in under a desk to protect computers against a sudden power outage. This type of UPS plugs into a normal outlet which is typically single-phase, 120 volts.

    Most residential homes are single phase 240 volts with the majority of standard plugs at 120 volts (15 to 20 amps), although large appliances such as furnaces and AC units are often plugged into 240-volt outlets and may range from 30 to 40 amps, controlled by the breaker. A standby, or offline UPS, is the least expensive type of uninterruptible power supply, and the battery and all components are self-contained.

Line-Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply Ups System

    A line interactive UPS, also called buck and boost, includes a built-in transformer to boost the voltage if it is sagging to eliminate voltage fluctuations and provide conditioned power. A line interactive UPS can boost voltage without running on the battery to save battery life and is often mounted together on racks to support servers in IT applications. Rather than a standard plug, they often have a round plug that twists and locks and can support larger circuits such as 240v and 30 amp outlets.

Online, Double Conversion Ups System

    The online double conversion uninterruptible power supply system is required in large single-phase and all three-phase applications. This type of UPS converts incoming alternating current (AC) power to direct current (DC) power and back to high-quality AC power free from distortions and voltage fluctuations, which commonly occur in grid power. Online UPS systems are more expensive and are hardwired directly into the breaker panel. This type of UPS system provides continual clean and pure power in the best possible condition and has the ability to boost power when required.

Product Categories:
  • Line-Interactive UPS
  • Suitable for medium-sized businesses and server rooms. Enhances energy quality with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) feature. Offers high energy efficiency and longer runtimes.

  • Online (Double Conversion) UPS
  • Ideal for critical applications and sensitive equipment. Provides continuous and uninterrupted power, with advanced power protection. Utilizes advanced technology to provide complete protection against power fluctuations and outages.

  • UPS Installation
  • Installation is integral to the successful deployment of a power protection system. Beylik’s Enterprises will collaborate with your staff to install batteries, rig and stage equipment, and conduct final testing before bringing the system online. All installations meet or exceed IEEE and manufacturer standards.

Why do you need a battery backup in your home or business?

    In simple terms, a UPS electrical system, also known as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), is deployed to provide consistent backup power to various electrical appliances like laptops, computers, inverters, and more. Therefore, to prevent financial losses and severe asset damage, it is imperative to invest in strong and reliable battery backups for your home or business.